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      2. hotline:086-13872111696
        Hubei Huangshi Torch Technology Industrial -Professional foundry resin production technology enterprises

        The company adheres to the concept of developing enterprise by technology, and it invests 20% of annual revenue in research and development each year. At present, there are 4 professor level senior mechanical engineers in the technical center, 9 senior engineers, 16 mechanical engineers with medium-grade professional title, 5 of whom have master degree or above, and 24 have college degree or above. The center implements OA automated management. All staffs are equipped with computer system and unique bionic simulation platform. The center has successively developed electric roller, deburring machine, mechanical arm, quick-changing nozzle, and other products, and some of which have achieved national patents.

        The company is ready to recruit excellent technical talents from colleges and universities to increase capability of independent innovation. Meanwhile, the center will cooperate with research units of colleges and universities to develop new products and new projects.